How yoga Can Change Your Life

This is the fashionable practice that brings together 21 million followers in USA and some women jump in yoga practice. Discover how.

There are two million followers of yoga in France, the venerable Hall Pleyel will organize a day "meditation" in May 2017 ... The disciplines of body and mind become accessible, and resonate with the questioning of many women. To the point that some make the big jump! They give up their swirling life to teach spiritual activity, provide therapies ... Statistics confirms the increase in training requests for women, even if she deplores the effect of fashion and a more superficial than in the past. Same observation for Jean-Guy de Gabriac, massage expert, spa and wellness consultant, and coordinator of the World Day of Wellbeing. "I meet many of these women in the field of shiatsu and energy massage. Their common point? "They followed a path drawn by their families, a university path, driven by the expectations of others. But their aspirations come to inflect this curve. A big question arises: what do I want to be happy? The volcanic Aria Crescendo presents the exemplary path of one of these successful and inventive reconversions, which in turn leads to vocations. Former dancer Crazy Horse, she discovered yoga at 17 in a period of depression. Then she trained at the Iyengar in Paris, gave classes at the Factory, became a yoga teacher at the Star Ac, and at the same time led a career as a singer. Today, she teaches stars like Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto or, writes books, and has set up her center in Paris, where she gives a Warrior Yoga of her own.

Consequence: "Half of my clients want to become yoga teachers, they are thoroughly. You realize, they realize that they have a body and that they live in it: it's a revolution! When we feel the benefits, we transmit, it becomes a chain, "she concludes. Another explanation for the phenomenon of conversion in well-being and spirituality: "These women are also in a desire for personal fulfillment, but for them, it is stronger to do it in the service of others. Says Jean Guy de Gabriac. "They want to help people to realize themselves, and develop listening, empathy, solidarity, cooperation ..." However, beware to stagger the project to run less financial risks. "I advise these women to keep a food job and to learn with internships, evening classes and weekends. All reconverted admit the precariousness of the beginnings, but do not do that for the money. Because what they have gained by refocusing is invaluable!